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Why managing customer ratings is important?

Think about the last purchase you made online. What was the first thing that you took into consideration ? Ratings, and reviews right!As a user, you often check ratings and reviews before booking a hotel or buying a product. However, this behaviour is not restricted to you alone as the statistics show:

  • A majority of online customers (more than 70%) rely on ratings and reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • It helps in building trust and improves profitability.
  • The probability of buying a product increase with better reviews and ratings by up to 35%.

How can you improve ratings and reviews?

The first question might be: how to improve something generic. You might be amazed to know that online firms spend a great deal of resources in generic improvement of ratings and reviews. Some of the tried-and-tested methods are:

  • Asking for reviews at the correct time from the consumers.
  • Quick resolution of issues can easily convert negative ratings or reviews into positive ones.
  • Involving customers through interactions and communications.
  • Working on the feedback rather than arguing with the customers.
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